Chaos at the Pecanland Mall circulating on social media spreading rumors of a shooting.

We obtained video of the incident that shows several Monroe police officers in the midst of the commotion. Police said two juveniles began fighting and that’s what started the frenzy. 

“There were no gun shots, no one was shot, there were no guns fired inside the Pecanland Mall Saturday night,” said Chief Eugene Ellis.

Ellis said off-duty officers witnessed the start of the fight and broke it up before it escalated, and what people thought were gunshots was a result of the aftermath. 

“As they ran through the mall they hit temporary signs as they ran through the mall. They hit those signs and those signs fell to the floor causing an echoing sound,” said Ellis.

An explanation that has many skeptical while some they believe it’s true.

“To me it didn’t seem like gunshots. I think if it were gunshots people would have been scattering,” said resident Dempsey Garrison.

Mayor Jamie Mayo blaming social media for creating the chaos. 

“This was an incident that was blown way over than what it actually was and the mall is safe,” said Mayo.

As the rumor mill continues to churn, Chief Ellis said he wants people to know his department does yearly active shooter training at the mall and they will always be honest and upfront.

“If this were to occur I can assure you that we would be forthcoming and we would provide accurate information, but it did not occur,” said Ellis.

Two teens were arrested in the incident; it’s unclear if any charges were filed. 
We reached out to the Pecanland Mall management team for comment, but have yet to hear back.