Magnolia residents find bobcat in the road

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2018 October 04

Any given day you can find Victor Morgan on his porch watching the cars pass.

He admits drivers race down Highway 19, but speeders aren’t the only thing that worries him, it’s what was found in the road a week ago.

There was a baby bobcat laying on the pavement, and it was obvious it was hit by a car.

“It bothers me a whole lot,” said Morgan.

Victor says he sees wild hogs all the time.

“They run in packs. The most I’ve seen are 14 or 15 in a pack.”

It’s becoming normal, but bobcats are a different story, and neighbors agree.

“I’m kind of afraid of that because I have a 16-year-old daughter that has to get up and go to school,” said Sheila Broomfield. “I go to work at five every morning, and it’s dark outside, so I’m afraid. I don’t know what could be going on.”

Arkansas Game and Fish say not to be alarmed.

“They’re not all that apt to hang around people,” said Kevin Wood, wildlife biologist. “They’re pretty shy so as far as being around houses they’re going to be out in the woods for the most part. If you have small livestock chickens, they may be attracted to that, but there’s really no danger to humans with them.”

“But I can’t believe that,” said Broomfield. “They’re in the wild, so there has to be some kind of something to them that they may attack or something.”

Victor says sightings are becoming routine.

“This is country life,” said Morgan.

He hopes something can be done before it gets worse.

Click here for more information on bobcats.

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