LSU-Shreveport increases security, holds forum following threats by former student

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Just a few days after the Parkland shooting in Florida, a local university in Shreveport, receives threats through social media.

Extra security, brought in on the campus of LSU-Shreveport due to a threat via social media.

The threat was aimed at science faculty and students.

Larry Clark LSUS Chancellor says, “there was at all times the possibility of a serious threat, to one or more individuals to this campus that could of included more potentially any group or all of us.”

A threat made by an ex -LSUS student, Amanda Sutherland, who was just released from doing 15 months in Bossier’s jail.

Monday a forum is held in the university center theater giving  students and faculty a timeline of the investigation  leading up to her arrest Sunday night.

“She had a number of postings that occurred over time and she was considered to be someone who was very very disturbed, and someone who no one knows what to do,” said Chancellor Clark.

Students and faculty ask questions on what do in more serious situations.

Marlyn Henry,a junior LSUS student says,” A lot of people kind of want a clear cut answer as to what to do, and as the police officer was saying today that there is no black and white answer for us to really know to do in what situation because it’s all so different.”

The students say they still feel safe on campus and appreciate being kept informed.

“I didn’t exactly feel threaten, I felt confused, maybe a little curious as to what was going on, but I wasn’t  threaten,” said Henry.

Peyton Gosdin, a junior LSUS student says, “of course it alerted me but i also knew that, but i also knew that it was a great thing that LSUS was already on top of the ball as far trying to prevent any from actually happening.”

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