Louisiana woman hit by bail money scam

Local News

(7/20/2018) The Ville Platte Police Department is investigating a phone scam regarding bail. Detectives say a resident there reported a suspicious phone call to them. They say the unknown caller told her that her son, who was living in another state, was in jail and needed money to get out. 

Ville Platte Chief of Police Neal Lartigue told Sylvia Masters with our sister station in Lafayette about what exactly went on with this scam and what you should look out for. 

“She received a phone call from an unknown person at this time stating that he had been in a wreck and he was intoxicated and he had received a DUI and he needed $2,300 to get out of jail.” says Chief Lartigue.

The scammer wanted the money sent not as a regular bond, but as a gift. “Then the guy proceeded to tell her send it from Walmart to another Walmart. says Chief Lartigue. “It was also stated as listed as a gift, not bond money or anything, listed as a gift.”

Naturally as a mother, she reacted and sent the money not knowing that her son wasn’t in jail. “She sent it and a short time after that she ended up speaking to her son which he was like,”No i was not in any wrecks or anything mom, I’m not in jail.” said Chief Lartigue

Chief Lartigue says to call police directly to verify if your loved one is in jail and the proper procedures for assisting them. He recommends you follow up on it before you react.

This scam is still open and under investigation as detectives are looking for an unknown suspect. 


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