WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The mid-term election season has brought out many Louisiana voters throughout the parish to have their voice heard where it counts the most.

Various poll locations were met for voters from ages 18 and up, many young teens and adults being first-time voters were excited to participate in the elections this year.

A West Monroe resident Trystin Beasley shared what It meant to vote for the first time. “I’m finally 18 and I was excited to finally vote for the first time. I just think it’s my civil duty, says Beasley.”

Another resident Lisa Sims had cast her vote earlier in the day, she then decided to stick around and hold signs encouraging drivers passing by on the intersection of cypress and seventh street to go out and vote.

“I think each election is important no matter you know what you think. Whether it’s a small election or a big election your voice matters, all of our voices matter. So if you’re a citizen of you old enough to vote, you should go over and vote, says Sims.”

Another first-time voter at just 21 years old expressed how it was important to come out to vote and encourages others in their twenties like himself to do the same. “I came out to get my voice heard, can’t really do anything about the people who are in the office if you don’t vote for anybody. Come out and vote I know a lot of young people won’t do it now or it’s not taught. Just come out and get your voice heard, says Jett”

Voting polls are open till 8 pm tonight and all you need is a photo ID.