Louisiana UPS driver taking selfies with dogs is going viral

Local News

Staci Burns says she has the best UPS driver in the world. To prove that, she filmed that driver, Doniel Kidd, taking selfies with her dogs outside of her Athens, Louisiana home.

“The red Australian Sheppard that is liking him is my Reba.” Burns tells NBC 10. “She went through a phase of running away from home and going on adventures.” 

Burns says one day, Kidd saw Reba out in the neighborhood, and he loaded her up in his truck and delivered her back home. “We weren’t even home, but he know where she belonged.”

Burns goes on to say when Kidd pulls up in his UPS truck to their home, Reba will often up up into the truck and sit on his seat. Burns says if she is able to find the picture of Reba in Kidd’s UPS truck, she will share it with NBC 10. “It’s so sweet.”

On Burns’ Facebook page, one person who commented on the video says she shared it with the Facebook group “UPS DOGS” where it could see even more online love.

Here is a link to her original post.

A friend of Burns, John Danforth, shared several other pictures with NBC 10 to show how Kidd loves dogs. Danforth says Kidd is a great guy.

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