Louisiana Tech loses power for six hours

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Students at Louisiana Tech remember where they were on a normal morning when suddenly–lights out.

Student athlete, Maggie Herrmann, was working out with the track team.
“We actually were lifting weights this morning so it was about 7[am] and so we were in the middle of  weights and the power just went out on us,” Herrmann said.
“I looked and I was like oh snap cause one of my friends told me the whole city was out and i was like uh well guess there’s no class”
School official David Guerin was in his office in Wyly tower when he found out the entire campus lost power.
“I was up in my office myself and everything just went dark everything went down,’ Guerin said.
 It didn’t just affect people inside the campus it hit took out the street lights around campus.
The power outage turned one of the busiest intersections into a four-way stop sign.
Guerin knew they had to do two things. Let the students know and then get the problem solved.
“Once we found out that the electrical service wasn’t going to come back on very quickly our emergency response team got together and made some decisions about how to communicate to the campus what the situation is some of the information we were getting from the city of Ruston,” Guerin said.
Emergency responders worked to find the solution for six hours. 
 Right after I spoke to Guerin the power was restored.
An electric emergency, but if you got to campus after 1 pm you wouldn’t even notice.

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