Louisiana Tech art professors build a mural for the blind

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It’s a special project for a special group of people.
The blind. 
A gift from the art professors at Louisiana Tech University.

“Different shades and colors how they transition light in one side to dark on the other;  he’s definitely an artist,” Industrial Arts Director of the Louisiana Center for the Blind, Jerry Darnell, said.
However,  that’s not what makes this art unique.
It’s a message you can feel.
The painting shows Ruston in braille. 
A symbol of the impact the blind has on this community.
Pam Allen, the Executive Director at the Louisiana Center for the Blind has dedicated her life to helping people like her.

“Blindness can happen to anyone at anytime at any age,” she said.
“I was two-years-old so I went blind when I was a toddler.”
Messages like the mural help spread hope for others that blindness is not the end but the beginning.

“They’re your neighbors your co-workers they go to church with you,” Allen said.
Anna Albury, a resident and student at the center, was just passing by when we told her the mural was being built.
“Aw that’s great!,” she said.
A native of Buffalo, New York, she has never felt embraced like she has in the City of Ruston.

“They really don’t care much about blind people they don’t even have good transportation where I come from,” she said.
A place where they belong, but the bond can be even stronger.

“What I hope is that it will start a conversation between blind people and sighted people in our community,” Allen said.
A work of art that if you can’t see it,  you can definitely feel it.

“I just want to say it’s awesome, thank you,  thank you!” 
There’s no date set for the unveiling, but organizers say the artists are working on the finishing touches.

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