Louisiana ranks in the top 5 for drivers who speed on roads

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OUACHITA PARISH, La (12/06/19) — Analysts at Quote Wizard did research on what states have the highest amount of speedy drivers; Louisiana ranked 46th out of 50.

Research found that drivers in states with low speed limits, like Louisiana, had a higher rate of drivers getting a speeding ticket. States that have higher speed limits were found to have a lower amount of drivers be pulled over for speeding.

Louisiana State Police say following speed limit signs is a major way to keep the roads safe from accidents.

“The law is the law. The speed limit is posted for a reason so it really just depends on that particular trooper. There’s no maximum that we give you over the speed limit. Just because you’re doing 60 in a 55 doesn’t mean you can’t get pulled over,” said Michael Reichardt, PIO Louisiana State Police Troop F.

State Police also says anyone going above the speed limit could get a ticket. That’s why they’re reminding drivers to always follow posted signs no matter the circumstance.

“Everybody’s in a hurry this time of year. You know if there’s a big sale at a store or there trying to get somewhere–everybody’s usually in a hurry–just take your time. Just sit back and relax and enjoy what you have and enjoy the day,” said Reichardt.

So what do Louisiana drivers have to say about following the speed limit signs?

“Well to me, it’s to save lives in the first place and if you’re out on the interstate during the holidays, there’s a lot of traffic out there…slow traffic keep to the right,” said a local resident.

The Department of Transportation and Development determines the speed limits for each state.

“It’s the law. It’s important for people to drive the speed limit. You know the holidays there’s a lot of accidents. Especially when I drive this big heavy truck a lot of people will cut in front of you, but you need to obey the law.” said a local resident.

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