Louisiana Department of Education proposes CCAP changes

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The mother of two says she came to Monroe without knowing anyone and far away from friends and family.

After maternity leave, she turned to the Child Care Assistance Program for help caring for her kids.

Jenny Massey says her nearly four-year-old twins, Jillian and Seven, are two big balls of energy.

“They love to talk to pretty much anybody, they’re redheads,” said Massey.

Carol’s Kids Daycare has played a big role in their lives.

“They’ve been here at this daycare for almost three years,” she said.

The news of the Department of Education proposing a statewide waitlist for Child Care Assistance starting in July reminded Massey of her own struggles with childcare.

After moving from New Orleans to Monroe, she needed help caring for her two kids, and the Louisiana Baptist Children’s home stepped in.

“There was a lot of steps to get the childcare assistance,” said. Massey. “It didn’t kick in right away. I had to provide paycheck stubs.”

Tafta Miller, Director of Carol’s Kids Daycare, says the proposed changes could put working parents at a disadvantage.

“They’re pretty much going to have to work to provide, but they have to have childcare, so I don’t think they are going to be able to sit at home either, so they’re going to look for either cheaper childcare, where we provide a high-quality center, and that’s where we want parents to choose to come to.”

Applicants will have to sign-up on a first come, first served basis.

“If they are eligible, they’ll contact them once the funds are available, and let them know they’ve been approved for child care assistance,” she said.

As for the single mother of two, she says even though things won’t change for her, she sympathizes with parent’s who will be subject to the change.

“What about those women who need to go back to work today, and they can’t afford to outright pay a childcare center you know for the first couple of weeks? I don’t know, that’s a tough one.”

Parents who are on Childcare Assistance now will not be affected by the changes coming in July.

Applications received after July 1 will be screened for eligibility, and if eligible, they will put on the waitlist until funds are available.

Parents who are eligible right now will remain eligible.

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