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WEST MONROE, La. (4/17/19)– Wednesday, a new petition was filed by pro-choice activists for the Supreme Court to review.

The petition opposes a Louisiana law which challenges abortions in the state.

The law in part requires doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital near where any abortion is performed.

  “Having an abortion is having admitting rights to a hospital is just protective for women because it’s an invasive procedure,” said Lyndsey Sikes, Director of Life Choices pregnancy planning center in Monroe.

Pro-choice activists argue that upholding the law would restrict women of their rights, but others disagree. 

  “The law in Louisiana, we find that it is protective and not restrictive because this is a hard decision for any woman to make,” said Sikes.

Sikes–who’s in favor of upholding Louisana’s strict abortion laws– says there are organizations like hers that give women other options when faced with that difficult decision.

  “Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, it narrows your vision, that you know all you can see is the positive sign on the pregnancy test and we want to just widen that lens up for their full life,” said Sikes.

Representative Katrina Jackson from District 16 also making a statement in the pro-life effort. Jackson is in Baton Rouge proposing the “Love Life Amendment”. This bill proposes no protections for abortion in Louisiana at all if Roe vs Wade was to be overturned.

  “Completely against the freedoms that we’re supposed to have in this country,” said local resident Kai Blackstock.

If the House passes it with 2/3 of the legislature, it will be on the ballot for Louisiana voters to decide in October.

Some are admittedly for it.

  “Pro-life, yea pro-life absolutely. I like the bill, you know, the bill is good. It’s what we need,” said local resident Nick Austin.

Others say it weighs too heavily on religion.

  “I think that anyone who’s against the option of someone having an abortion stems from any sort of religious or personal belief and I don’t believe in pushing personal beliefs on other people,” said Blackstock.

Representative Jackson’s bill will be voted on the house floor on April 23.

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