Local groups host forums to find ‘Community Solutions’ for the issues plaguing the country

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MONROE, La. (07/10/2020) — The world sees protests, anger, and hurt. However, this Community Panel is hoping to change the narrative.

“We don’t have to retaliate if we continue to educate.”

Elijah Brass

The goal, panelists say, is to find answers to issues that have caused a divide.

“The Black Lives Matter Movement, the different protests and with George Floyd, the senseless police brutality murders really I think has fueled this division,” said Panelist Mimi McFarland.

Inclusivity of all races in the conversation is one solution they believe can help fix the issues plaguing the country. Being a more informed community is another, “We can’t be saying that this elected official is not doing anything when we don’t even know when the city council meeting is,” said Panelist Jamaro Hill, Sr.

Crime, has long been a topic of conversation, and some believe change starts with the economy.

“If we really want to change crime in Monroe, release economic development, and honestly I don’t care who does it,” said Panelist Donald R. McNeal.

On the other side of town, Current Phenonemon Incorporated is targeting the youth. They’re creating programs like a cultural arts center and sportsman paradise club to teach lessons not taught in the classroom

“What we want to do is actually develop them, develop them mentally. Let them understand that they are in a world where they have to compete and we have to prepare them for that world.”

Dr. Ice Mike

This is simply the start of a conversation and what these groups call community solutions.

“I don’t see Louisiana as a lost cause.”

Donald R. McNeal

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