Chef Blake Phillips is cooking up a tasty dish for this year’s competition, The Great American Seafood Cook-Off. 
However, he already holds the title, King of Louisiana Seafood 2016. 
Phillips is the executive chef at Sage, a restaurant in Monroe known for their farm-fresh, sensational seafood, and New Orleans styled- food. 
“There is a creative aspect that we have here that really I like customer’s to think that you know we are really trying some new things and everything is coming from scratch,” says Phillips. 
Chef Phillips says he’s been cooking since he was a boy, a job that requires a lot of trial and error, and learning new tricks along the way.
“I pick up from other chef’s and when I can learn from even my cooks back there, I’m always learning, always evolving.  So that’s the beautiful thing about being a chef,” says Phillips.
We had to learn what all the fuss was about, so we had a taste one of Sage’s signature starter– the tuna tartare.  Such a delicious dish!
“It’s really rewarding because it’s instantly rewarding.  If you give somebody a great dish they’re going to automatically thank you for it.  It’s not, you don’t have to wait to see your results,” says Phillips. 
The Great American Seafood Cook-off begins this Saturday, August 6th. 
Chef Phillips will compete with eleven chef’s from across the country.