UPDATE: Owner of Trapp’s reacts after vehicle slams into outdoor patio

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UPDATE (3:30 PM)– A local restaurant has some serious damage to their building after a high-speed chase, involving a juvenile, that left the vehicle going over a bridge and slamming into their patio.

It’s a “Friday the 13th” they will never forget. According to the West Monroe Police Department, the high-speed chase started on Bridge Street in West Monroe and ended at Trapp’s. The suspect was driving east bond on Coleman Avenue going around 100 MPH. The driver hit the barrier on the bridge, ricochet off the levee wall, and flew more than 350 feet across both lanes into Trapp’s outdoor patio.

“I came over and it was pretty obvious that there was some major damage to the building. My first idea was that they shot a bazooka at a suspect, from what I drove up and saw,” said Joey Trappey, Owner of Trapp’s.

The chase originally started due to the careless driving of the suspect. When West Monroe police tried to pull the driver over, the chase began. With speeds of at least 100 miles per hour, Police had a hard time keeping up with the suspect… Ultimately losing the vehicle. A short time later, that same car flew off the Endom Bridge and into Trapp’s. Police say the driver, a juvenile, was taken to the hospital for an evaluation. They do not suspect the juvenile of driving under the influence.

“There was nobody seriously hurt and all we have to do is repair some wood and tin. With all the action right here, it could have been a very bad situation if it accrued at a different time in the day,” said Trappey.

While the outdoor patio will need new decking and a tin roof, the staff at Trapp’s is staying positive.

“My first thought was I know our seafood nachos are good but I didn’t know people would go that extreme to get on the deck. At that point, I didn’t know if I should be sad or impressed because that is a heck of feet. I don’t even know if Evel Knievel would take that one on,” said Trappey.

The owner of Trapp’s says he is thankful no one was injured and the incident isn’t going to stop them from serving the community.

WEST MONROE, La. — A local restaurant has some serious damage to their building after a vehicle slammed into their patio overnight.

According to a Facebook post made by Trapp’s – West Monroe, a vehicle that was involved in a police chase on Thursday night appears to have jumped from the Endom Bridge and landed on their patio.

According to the West Monroe Police Department, the chase began around 1:20 AM on Friday. The chase began on Bridge Street and ended when the vehicle slammed into Trapp’s.

Police say that the driver, a juvenile whose identity is not being released due to their age, was taken to the hospital for an evaluation after the crash. Police do not suspect that the juvenile was under the influence during the incident.

The juvenile will be charged with careless driving and breaking curfew as a juvenile.

Even with the damage, Trapp’s will still be open during their normal operating hours.

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