Local Black businesses see increase in support following Black Lives Matter Movement

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MONROE, La. (07/06/2020) — As the nationwide charge to end racism continues, several black businesses are seeing the fruits of their labor blossoming. Most are enjoying an increase in support following unrest, after the death of George Floyd.

A couple of Monroe business owners decided to reshape their businesses at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and at first the shock of what lie ahead concerned the two.

“I was kind of lost a bit like ok what can I do, what can I do?”

Tony Glass, Owner of Glass CRWN Oils and Essentials

It was a cry heard from entrepreneurs everywhere.

“What if my job ends, what if they shut everything down? What would I do?”

Katlyn Mickens, Owner of Krown Adornments

Those cries, however, didn’t stop business owners like Tony Glass, from diving headfirst into a new business sparked by others’ love for his hair.

“People asking all the time, how’d you get your beard like that,” Glass recollected.

He birthed Glass CRWN Oils and Essentials back in March, right when Covid began sickening people across the U.S.

It was at the same time, that Katlyn Mickens rebranded her business from Krown Boutique to Krown Adornments and began selling apparel.

“With everything being uncertain, I wanted to be prepared for the what-ifs…and business took off,” she said.

As passion continued to gain steam with the Black Lives Matter movement, Black owned businesses too saw changes.

“It’s unfortunate that it had to get to these types of matters for it to happen,” said Glass, but it was more than just about making money.

“Even the people outside of our community had an opportunity to put back into something that they’re learning to understand,” Mickens stated.

Like with any phase, these creators hope this boom isn’t a passing trend.

“The decline may happen, it may level off, but with us doing out business the best way we know how, we’re going to build those long term customers and they’re going to keep us afloat.”

Katlyn Mickens, Owner of Krown Adornments

“I believe I’ll be sitting here with an empire.”

Tony Glass, Owner of Glass CRWN Oils and Essentials

The Associated Press reports that many black-owned businesses have seen boosted exposure through social media during this movement. It also reports, the increase in demand hasn’t been without growing pains for some.

To shop at Glass CRWN Oils and Essentials head to their Facebook page here.

To shop at Krown Adornments click here or visit the Facebook page here.

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