“I’m Ella Kate Parker.. I’m ten and I am a Hopes Elite Gymnast,” said the hopeful future Olympian.

This four-foot-five pre-teen is climbing her way to the top. 
Flipping, twisting, cartwheeling more than 30 hours a week and following a strict meal plan and sleeping schedule.

“This morning I had a protein bar and yesterday for lunch I had edamame and grilled chicken,” said Parker. 

Ella’s been tumbling since the age of two and her mother, Cynthia Parker, says they  couldn’t be any more thrilled for her success. 

“Oh I’m so proud of her, so proud. She works so hard. It’s fun for her so it’s not really like a job but its a lot of hard-work,” said Parker.  

Ella splits her time between West Monroe and Texarkana. 
Where she travels almost daily to meet her coaches. 

“We are there everyday so we have an apartment in Texarkana so we can stay over if it’s not a school morning the next day,” said Parker.

Parker’s enrolled at Ouachita Christian School. However, to balance the books and the beam she’s home-schooled.

“We have a tutor and she teaches her her schoolwork doing the week and she keeps it up around gym times,” said C. Parker. 

Allowing Ella to work towards her goals. 

“I’m hoping to go to the national team, which will get me hopefully to the Olympic team and then after that I’d like to be an LSU gymnast,” said Ella. 

She has a message for other kids wanting to do big things. 

“Just continue to follow your dreams and it will happen if you work hard,” said Ella. 

Ella just finished competing in the Hopes Elite Championship in Ohio. 
She’s currently training six days a week to prepare for the upcoming season in December.