(12/20/18) A Little Rock father was beaten with a brick and died from his injuries late Wednesday night. 

His son was arrested for the crime. 

On a quiet Little Rock street, the only activity is coming from the water department Thursday morning as they repair a main break. 

But what was damaged on Dennison St. Wednesday night, simply can’t be fixed. 

“I heard a bunch of commotion out here,” James Rogers who lives across the street said. 

He’s known his neighbor Joseph Jones for many years, but never opened his door to this. 

“He was bloody. And I had a pool of blood on my porch when I opened the door,” Rogers said. 

The 77-year-old was in the fetal position on his door step. His 40 year old son, Kendall was right behind him. 

Rogers believes Kendall busted in the back door and attacked his father with a brick. His father then ran to Rogers house and banged on the door before laying on the porch. 

“[Kendall] was getting ready to hit him with another rock, brick or something and I told him if he do, I’m a put one in him,” Rogers said. He had a small firearm with him. 

 “And I fired off a shot… and then he stepped on back,” he described on his front porch. 

Rogers called 911. Joseph was taken to UAMS where he later died.

His son Kendall was arrested for his murder. 

 “Somebody helped give him life now he done took his life. His own son,” Rogers said. 

This isn’t the first time Kendall has been in trouble. 

In 2014 he was charged with assaulting his father and stealing his car. He’s still on parole. 

Wednesday morning this is one of the last things Joseph said to his neighbor: 

“If you see Kendall over here call the police.”

Little did he realize he’d have to take Joseph up on that promise a few hours later. 

“Whatever time they give him it ain’t enough. If I had it my way they could give him 250 years,” Rogers said. 

Kendall Jones faces a 1st degree murder charge and a parole violation. 

He’s expected in court Friday morning. 

This is Little Rock’s 38th homicide of 2018.