Lincoln Parish burlgars pick the wrong neighborhood to rob

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People in the Sheldon’s View subdivision in Lincoln Parish were surprised to find out burglars paid them a visit.

Three suspects, two of them 18 years old, and one a juvenile. 

Colin Lacy, Caleb Ogden and an un-named juvenile were a part of a  two-day crime spree came to an end in a Choudrant neighborhood.

“Well I mean my goodness you know just living here you know we’re so close to each other everybody looks out for each other,” resident, J.J. Jordan said.

“I was like wow because i always leave it unlocked in this neighborhood,” longtime Choudrant resident, Patty Spence, said.

Spence says usually people do a good job of looking out for each other in that neighborhood.

“It’s just a hometown close knit neighborhood and you really don’t think of that kind of stuff happening here,”  

J.J. Jordan has been living in the neighborhood for six years and has yet to even hear about a burglary.

“In this part of the world in this part of the south there’s a lot of people that have artillery inside  their house it’s just not smart,” Jordan said.

That’s not even what surprised him the most.

Residents were shocked to find out that burglars would pick this neighborhood of all places.

A few people who live here are current and former law enforcement

“There’s a couple of different officers that live right here in the neighborhood,” 

Jordan stays right next  door to one and across the street from another.

The odds definitely didn’t swing in favor of the burglars.

Meanwhile, people living in Lincoln Parish are warned to be a little more cautious.

“Even if you got to bed at night go make a round and double check,” Spence said.

So they can avoid becoming another victim.

Ogden, Lacy and the juvenile currently face a number of theft and burglary charges.

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