LifeShare Blood Centers hold drive in El Dorado

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2018 August 09

Giving blood is not always the easiest task.

Mark Dominy says this is his first time.

“I’m feeling alright,” he said. ” It stung for about a second, then that was it.”

His motivation behind that feeling is his parents.They both have rare blood types.

His mom is O negative and his dad is AB positive.

“They’re called rare for a reason,” said Dominy. “You don’t see too many of them around, so if I can help someone out who needs it, why all the better.

LifeShare Blood Centers wishes they had more people like Mark.

The nation is facing a blood shortage, and hospitals are in desperate need.

At today’s blood drive, they felt that.

“We haven’t had what we needed at this point because at this point we’re still down so many, but it’s not always like this,” said Dewanna Holland, donor tech. “It just all depends on where we go and who is willing to give.”

The fear of the needle could be to blame, and maybe even lack of knowledge of the blood drive.

Whatever it may be, Lifeshare Blood Centers says keep the greater cause in mind.

“Look at the bright side of it because we have our recipients in the hospital for days, months, sometimes years at a time, fighting for their lives, and you may be the very one to save a life,” said Holland.

For Mark, he knows he not only keeping his parents in mind, but helping people get a brand new start on life.

Life Share says red cells are used in the treatment of surgery, trauma, cancer and severe anemia patients.

Plasma is used in the treatment of burn and trauma patients.

Platelets are used in the treatment of transplant and chemotherapy patients.

For more information on giving blood click here.

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