Lazzare park residents and volunteers begin cleanup of tornado damage

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WEST MONROE, La (04/14/20) — Tuesday morning, residents in the Lazarre park area were finally allowed back in after Entergy trucks cleaned up power lines Monday.

“It’s kinda sad that we lost everything because we’ve only been in the house for three months and that was it…like we just recently got this house and we had only been there for three months, so it’s kinda devastating,” said Richard Crowe, West Monroe Resident.

“Between this and the COVID-19, our whole world is just turned upside down right now, so we just wanna give people some security, some normalcy so things can get back going,” said Staci Albritton Mitchell, Mayor of West Monroe.

Cleanup crews started early picking up debris and using chainsaws to cut trees blocking houses. “There are several churches and different organizations that are going around to see who they can help clean up. We have public works here. The National Guard has been down here this morning surveying the damage to see if they can maybe offer some assistance with clean up,” said Mitchell.

Residents picked up anything they could that was left inside their home. “Our food was still up in there and it was still cold, so we got that, anything that’s not broken, we got our TV, trying to get our clothes…stuff like that,” said Crowe.

Volunteers grabbed gloves and masks went to work to help get this part of West Monroe on it’s feet again. “This affected everybody that was in the path of the storm and what we’re doing today is clearing yards and making the way so people can start rebuilding their lives,” said Matt Turpin, Volunteer with First West.

They say they’ll be cleaning for multiple days and encourage others to put on a mask and help where it’s needed.

“If you’re at home and you’ve got time, then come on out…there’s plenty of opportunities,” said Turpin.

Mayor Mitchell says many residents are staying in hotel rooms until most of the debris is cleared so re-building can start for the Lazarre park riverbend.

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