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Natalie Robinson; she posted as a lawyer and when she stopped talking to her clients, she ended up posing for a mugshot in the Ouachita Parish Sheriffs Office. They say that she was fake.

Natalie Robinson / Courtesy: OPSO

“The only thing she did was file, but come to find out, she wasn’t licensed for filing divorces and stuff.”

Williams says that Robinson was supposed to represent him at court earlier this year and when she didn’t show up he started checking and he couldn’t find anything on her at all.

“I filed in June. My attorney was to take care of all of that. They asked who my attorney was and once I told her her name, the other lady was like, describe her.”

Todd Martin from the Todd Martin Law Firm in Monroe, says “I think it’s a scam to be honest.”

“The clerk of court has to file whatever you bring, even if it’s incorrect and even if you’re filing wrong procedurally.”

Robinson used social media outlets including Facebook, to advertise her services for a fee. But for Williams, he says he can’t believe that Robinson was acting like she was helping him. Now, he wonders if he will have to start all over again.

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