LaSalle Sheriff’s Department is accepting extra patrol request during the vacation season.

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MONROE , La (KTVE/KARD) It’s no secret that crime rates rise in the summertime. In LaSalle the sheriff department is taking extra patrol request in order to keep residents safe.

Lacie Terral Criminal Administrative Assistant “Extra patrol is a something that we offer, it’s a service we offer to the citizens.”

Thanks to the LaSalle Sheriff Department’s patrol request. Residents of LaSalle can have their neighborhoods patrolled no matter where they are. Laci Terral says the summer is the perfect time to use this service.

Lacie terral criminal administrative assistant “Generally during the summertime many people are going on vacation and they’re away from their homes more than usual so it’s a great time to promote the service.”

Filling out a patrol request can be done in minutes on the department’s website (, and although officers will monitor your home after the request is submitted Laci says that the request can be used for more than just housesitting

Laci Terral “It’s not only for when you’re away from your home, but if there’s been concerns in your area like speeders, or possible drug activity it can be used for that as well. “

The patrol request can be submitted for any time in the area.

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