Lack of Water Pressure in Madison Parish School District led to early dismissal

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The fix hasn’t come yet for the water problems in Tallulah from Porta-Potties outside of stores, to schools across Madison Parish getting only a half day of classes after a week out.

After a week without classes, Madison Parish School District opened their doors Monday, but they had early dismissal because once again of water issues.

“They told us last night they were going to have school. It wasn’t no water pressure last night so I kinda figured they wouldn’t have school again today,” says Jeff Pirson.

The Martin Luther King Junior holiday, the snow and ice, and faulty water pressure means students had no classes at all last week. They went back today but were dismissed at noon thanks for low water pressure.

The water crisis in Tallulah has businesses scrambling for solutions such as a Porta-Potty, but some schools shut down bathrooms and don’t even have an option for kids to go to the bathroom.

According to the Madison Parish School District’s Facebook page, the water issue would affect only Middle and High Schools, but elementary schools dismissed their students at noon too because of the water issue. That led to some confusion.

“I came to pick her up and nobody said anything so I guess we will just wait and see,” says Jeff Pirson.

Superintendent Benita Young sent a statement stating “Our top priority remains the safety and well-being of all our students. We will keep our parents and students informed as information becomes available to us.

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