Key safe gives firefighters easier access to homes

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Picture yourself in need of help.

Firefighters are at your door, but you aren’t home, they can’t get in, so they go to plan “b” and break it down.

Fire officials say this little device called the Knox Box makes their jobs easier.

“It saves everybody time and makes things better,” said Fire Chief, Chad Mosby.

They key safe gives first responders access to your home.

When no one is inside or unable to get to the door, they can open the box where your keys will sit.

It may look small, but fire officials say it could make a big difference in your pockets in an emergency situation.

Property owners like Buddy McAdams have already taken advantage.

A former firefighter, now on the other side, he understands the necessity of buying the product.

“We have some apartments a couple of blocks away where someone did set off a smoke alarm just from cooking, and had they not been able to get in, they would have knocked the door down,” he said.

The Fire Department says when pondering if you should buy, remember…

“Usually the damage that we cause when we force an entry, whether it’s a commercial property or a residential is a lot more than what the cost of the box is,” said Mosby.

The bill for fixing that damage falls on you.

Click here for more info on the Knox HomeBox.

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