Kennedy and Campbell Set to Square-Off In Run-Off Election

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The countdown is on. The race for the soon to be vacant U.S. Senate seat in Louisiana has Republican John Kennedy and Democrat Foster Campbell drawing a line in the sand for voters.

“He’s liberal, I’m conservative. He supported Secretary Hillary Clinton, I supported President-Elect Donald Trump. I believe in more freedom-Commissioner Campbell believes in more free stuff,” says Kennedy.

Campbell says, “Mr. Kennedy doesn’t want to face the facts. He’d like everybody to believe that he’s a real conservative. He doesn’t tell you about the time that he was pro-choice, he doesn’t tell you about the time that he was for affirmative action, now he says he’s against it-he doesn’t want to talk about all that.”

Voters head to the polls on Saturday, December 10th.

Kennedy is reminding voters what’s at stake.

“This election is very, very important. The United States Senate is going to determine, for example, who gets appointed to the United States Supreme Court.”

Meantime, Campbell is ensuring voters their financial future is safe with him.

“I have been a fiscal conservative all my life, I’ve been for people, and I’m very proud of the record I have. I haven’t flip-flopped.”

Campbell’s campaign has out-financed Kennedy’s, but according to recent polls, Kennedy still enjoys a double-digit lead.

Kennedy also has the support of the next president of the United States-Donald Trump.

“I’m honored to have their endorsements, but let me tell you, I’m my own guy. Always have been. I’ve never been part of the club in Baton Rouge as state treasurer, I’m not going to be part of the inside club in Washington D.C,” says Kennedy.

Campbell says not to count him out. He’s feeling very confident about election day.

“We have an excellent chance of winning and we’re well financed. I’m fighting all the way to the wall like I’ve always fought-for people.”

Both candidates urge voters to get out to the polls, regardless of who they’re voting for.

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