WASHINGTON, D.C. (9/26/18) – The day before Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces the first woman to accuse him of sexual misconduct a third woman has come forward with claims even more explosive.

Like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Julie Swetnick says she knew Kavanaugh from their high-school days,
She claims Kavanaugh and others would spike the punch at parties with drugs or grain alcohol so girls would “Get drunk so they could then be gang raped.” She says she was gang-raped, and that Kavanaugh was present.

Kavanaugh, in writing calls it “ridiculous and from the twilight zone.”

“There are scores of people supposedly involved over years. Now why is it that none of those people have come forward?”, said Beth Wilkinson, Brett Kavanaugh’s attorney. 
Senator Patty Murray, said “Absolutely investigate it. This should not be rushed through!”

Swetnick holds active government security clearances. She’s telling her story under a signed declaration written under penalty of perjury.

Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who represented porn star Stormy Daniels in her claims against the president.

The Senate Judiciary Committee confirms it is looking into a fourth claim – alleging  that Kavanaugh physically assaulted a woman in Washington while drunk, 20 years ago.