JUSTICE FOR SGT. ELAHI: Family members speak out before trial begins

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You can see Sergeant David Elahi all around his home.

“It’s been a hard loss for everybody,” his fiance, Dana Parsley said.

You can see him in the blue lights that line the front door, in the memories that cover the walls and in the eyes of his two daughters Alba and Indy.

“Indy just looks like David. Alba just acts like him so it’s very much just like having two pieces of him running around,” Parsley added.

However, Sergeant Elahi wasn’t around to see his two little girls grow up, after he was killed in a crash that could have been avoided. 

Parsley was a few months pregnant with Indy when her fiance died. 

It was a foggy night on July 3, 2016 when he and two officers were struck.

Police said the man who hit him was impaired. 

Now Tracey Govan is about to go to trial for the alleged crimes. 

“It’s very much like an open wound that you keep having to revisit,” Parsley added.

Yet, Parsley said she hopes reliving every painful detail about his death, could help save other people’s lives. 

“All he ever wanted to do was save lives and change things for the better so if he can still save people beyond his life than I think he’d be really honored,” she added. 

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