Jonesville schools evacuated after third school threat in six months

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A letter found in a restroom at Jonesville Junior High, brought the school day to a screeching halt.

First responders found out the lives of the students were possibly in grave danger.

“I knew it was a life and death situation,” Jonesville Junior High student Rhyjaeveyun Bowie, said.

“There were children there this morning crying didn’t know what was going on,” Sheriff Toney Edwards said.

According to Edwards, that letter said students were going to be killed around 11:30a.m. Monday morning.

“Usually it would be a drill but this time we seen teachers crying and students crying so we knew it was real,” Bowie said.

The Sheriff’s office got the call from Jonesville Junior High with just an hour to spare.

From that point they had one goal; to get everyone out safe and as soon as possible.

“You can’t evacuate one without evacuating the others,” Sheriff Edwards said.

They immediately evacuated Jonesville Junior High, Block High School and Jonesville Elementary bussing all the students to Trinity Park where they were  reunited then with their families.

“Once we cleared that school our SRT team went in there and cleared each and every room,” Edwards said.

This happened only six months after a similar incident at Block High School.

Some were skeptical on if it was a joke, but real threat or not it was a chance first responders couldn’t take.

“Of course we take that type of threat serious whether it’s written on a note or called in or whatever,” Sheriff Edwards said.

“We’re going to treat it the same as if there was an active shooter there somewhere.”  

Sheriff Toney believes it’s only a matter of time before they find the whoever is responsible.

Then he’s hoping that once the dust settles the coast will stay clear for the rest of the school year.

The incident is still under investigation but Edwards tells KTVE/KARD the sheriff’s office does have leads. 
No word yet on if school will resume on Tuesday.

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