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Jones County authorities seize mistreated animals

JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) - Jones County Sheriff Alex Hodge says his department has been working on this case since May. An anonymous call to animal advocates tipped them to the situation.They have already put the count at nearly 100 animals the team has rescued thus far.

Hodge and experts on site say this is the worst case of animal cruelty they have ever seen.

The case is so big the department, the Southern Cross Animal Rescue (SCAR) called in theHumane Society of the United States to lead efforts. Volunteers, MS Department of Wildlife officers and deputies canvassed nearly 200 acres, sifting through some of the most unsanitary living conditions, bringing animals in individual kennels to a staging area for treatment. 

WJTV will bring you the latest information from Jones County as it becomes available.



The Jones County Sheriff's Department and the Humane Society of the United States are working to remove animals from what one spokesperson called 'horrific conditions'.

The agencies say they have been working on the case for several weeks after an anonymous source tipped them off to the situation in Jones County.

Sheriff's Department spokesperson Allyson Knotts says for the most part they are removing a number of cats and dogs but she did not rule out other animals.

There are medical professionals onsite to begin administering immediate treatment to these animals. Officials say it is a lengthy process to assess the animals and the severity of the conditions they are coming from.

The media is not allowed on the premises of the operation but are receiving regular updates.

WJTV will bring you more on this story as information becomes available.

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