Jack Clampit issues apology after controversial Facebook Post

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OUACHITA PARISH, La. (06/02/2020) — Jack Clampit ignited outrage after posting a controversial post to his Facebook post over the weekend.

“To say that you should shoot someone, I don’t think that warrants a peaceful response,” said Trandon Welch.

So Clampit apologized giving this statement:

“I think it was disheartening, to say the least. I wouldn’t even call it an apology,” Welch said.

Mayor Jamie Mayo responding to the post saying, “I thought it was pathetic quite frankly.”

Mayo says the unrest across the world is a racial pandemic that must be addressed.

“Represents the 400 years of pain and mistreatment that black people have always faced in America.”

Mayor Jamie Mayo

“To make sure that it doesn’t happen here then we have to hold these people accountable for saying things that can instigate a riot or someone looting.”

Trandon Welch

On Monday people gathered to protest what Jack Clampit said. They say they’re not going to stop, but they’re going to make sure they continue the fight peacefully.

“We’re going to be here. We’re going to protest what he stands for, we’re going to protest what he’s been saying for years on social media on a public stage and that we don’t agree with it,” said Welch.

The mayor supporting the cause, “They deserve to be heard, they have a reason to be heard because there must be meaningful change.”

“When he made that statement, those small voices, those school teachers that we never knew hated us or we never knew that they made those statements, their statements became louder.”

Trandon Welch

Mayor Jamie Mayo says he will be forming a citizen panel to address the racial issues facing the community because he believes it’s a start to making a difference.

Welch wants to put pressure on more officials to speak up and fight for the people.

ORIGINAL POST: Vice President of The Ouachita Parish Police Jury, Jack Clampit, has issued an apology following his controversial Facebook post from over the weekend.

Last week I made a comment, I need to apologize for. I didn’t proofread my comment and it came out wrong. To those who I offended, I’m sincerely sorry. It wasn’t intended to be a racist remark but I see where it could be taken that way. I wrote: I am concerned about the business owners who are losing their dream due to thugs. Many of which are Black.  I should have written it differently. I am concerned about business owners (many of whom are black) Losing their dream due to looters. Again, I apologize for my ambiguous comments and ask for the forgiveness of those I offended. 

Jack Clampit, Vice President of The Ouachita Parish Police Jury

Here is Clampit’s Facebook post:

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