Ike Hamilton Expo Center’s parking lot becomes course for fast cars

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WEST MONROE, La (07/28/19)–The Ike Hamilton Expo Center is home to many things. However, once a month the parking lot becomes a course for fast cars to compete on. The Red River Region of The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) promises an event with high intensity and loud engines. This specific event is called Autocrossing.

“The idea being running it as fast as you and your car can do without hitting any cones or missing any gates,” said John Lieberman, Divisional Solo Safety Steward.

The course is set up in a parking lot and mapped out by using traffic cones.
Drivers will go one at a time against the clock, hoping to get the fastest speed in their class.

“It’s an adrenaline rush, it’s a test of driver and machine against the clock,” said Lieberman.

Drivers have six attempts to get their fastest speed, but hitting a cone is a two second penalty and not going through a gate disqualifies your time for that round. Any car can autocross, even if it’s not street legal.

” As long as its got 4 wheels on it and it’s not top heavy SUV’s, then we got a class to put it in,” said Lieberman.

SCCA officials encourage all walks of life to join. It’s a club that offers community, friendly competition, and a place where police cant pull you over for going too fast.

“You can do things with your car, under controlled conditions that you would get arrested for doing on the streets,” said Lieberman.

An Autocrossing event is hosted once a month at the Ike Expo Center. Ranging from 25 to 40 autcrossing drivers. In addition, SCCA offers other programs besides autocross. Some include road racing, hillclimb, track days, and more.

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