‘I just felt like I was going to diminish’: Injured deputy speaks after crash

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Their cruiser smashed in the middle as they wrapped around a tree. 
Shari Thompson, 60, one of the Monroe City Marshal Deputies who miraculously survived the crash. 

“At the time I was so short of breath that I just felt like I was going to diminish at any point,” said Thompson. 

Thompson said they were heading down Highway 15 on their way to the Richland Parish Correctional Center to pick up a prisoner when their car hydroplaned and hit a tree.

“My partner was trying to take control of it to keep us from going left because we would have been submerged in water,” said Thompson. 

Thompson’s partner 48-year-old Mike Cheveliar was airlifted to lsu medical in Shreveport. 
She says their bond is unbreakable and she wears for his health. 

“I’m not too much worried about myself, but I am worried about him because he is worried about me because he calls me sis and i am him my brother,” said Thompson. 

Marhsal Wince Highshaw says the marshals office is a close knit family. 
And he feels fortunate the circle hasn’t been broken. 

“If you see the car then you know how fortunate that I am. We are blessed here at this office that we are not waking up and going to the morgue or to a funeral,” said Highshaw. 

Thompson thankful for the good Samaritan who helped save their lives and chance to continue the career she loves and to be there for her son.

“I told him that I didn’t want him to look at me and he looked at me and said I’m just happy to talk to you, because we recently lost my other son and he said he wasn’t ready to lose his mama,” said Thompson.

We will update you on his condition of Lt. Cheveliar’s condition. 

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