The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating, after a burglary suspect was shot and killed by a homeowner in Swartz.

Deputies were called to a home  on Highway 594 Sunday afternoon on a report of a burglary attempt.

The suspect, Jessie Allin 32, allegedly broke into the home and threatened to hurt two elderly people who were inside.

That is when one of the homeowners took the law into their own hands and shot the suspect. 

A short time later, Allin was pronounced dead.

Gun expert, Hunter Simmons , tells NBC 10 News, proper training for gun owners could be a matter of life and death.

“If you do get a gun and defend your home we just hope that you go and get some training. Getting a gun and throwing it on the side of the bed is not a real good practice. You want to make sure you have some training with the firearm, know how to use it, know the laws,” said Simmons.

Meanwhile, the Ouachita Parish District Attorney’s office says at this point, no charges have been filed in the case, although it will be heard before a grand jury.

 “It is alleged that the person that was killed had charged the elderly man, refused to leave and charged at him . There had been some comment made relative to being marked for death or something of that nature, and this gentleman believed, or at least reported to believe that his life was in danger,” said Gary Aycock, Assistant district attorney office

Both Mississippi and Arkansas have self-defense laws to the justifiable homicide law in Louisiana.