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Historic site returns to Grambling State

GRAMBLING, La -- - If you attended and graduated from Grambling State University in recent years the name 'catfish pond' might not mean anything to you.

But to  longtime Grambling alum, Payne Montgomery, the return of the Catfish Ponds means a lot.

"It's just so long coming," he said.

"It never should've been closed down."

A project he started with a fellow classmate in the late 70's closed down because the university had to make other fiscal priorities.

He' s excited that old alumni and new students will have a chance to enjoy it together.

The fact that they can learn to love this place like we did.

It's been more than a decade since the catfish ponds were open to anyone now Grambling is getting help from the National Guard to bring it back.

They have already started knocking down trees, clearing out the area making way for over 15 acres of land.

"I didn't realize that they had prioritized Grambling as you know something that was necessary to improve," GSU student, Sarah-Renee Garner, said.

Garner, heard her mother's stories about the catfish ponds. Now she and other future Grambling alumni will have her own stories to tell.

"I'm just really excited because Grambling is really growing and they're making efforts just to be better and I'm really excited about that," Garner said.

Another vision of Grambling president and alumni, Rick Gallot, to help rebuild the Grambling legacy.

"He really came to give back to Grambling he is focused on improving the school he's focused on raising the bar," Garner said.

An increase in student enrollment and with football season just around the corner, it looks like Grambling will have some extra space for their growing family.

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