Highways & Hedges: Houston outreach group calls for end to violence in Monroe

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From Houston to Monroe an outreach program has traveled more than 300 miles to spread the word to a local community. 

Marching between the Trishell Apartments and Parkview Apartments the group chanted,” We won’t stop. We won’t stop. We gonna win.” 

Montez Powell, a church leader at Refuge Temple Ministries, was among the 200 men and women marching. 
He says he has been in jail too many times to count. 
And he credits highway and hedges with saving his life. 

“I came in the ministry a drug dealer. You know I was one that toted pistols on the street. I was an alcoholic. I smoked drugs. I lived a life that was fully contrary,” said Evangelist Powell. 

A middle school dropout he says he is now enrolled in college. 

“I came in the ministry and i couldn’t even read. I dropped out of school in 7th grade was kicked out of every school that I ever went to in Monroe, Louisiana.

Now, he is hoping that through the ministry that helped him; he can help others. 

Praying that others will change their lives for the better like he did. 

“I can truly relate to the people and i know as well what they need, because it was exactly what i needed,” said Evangelist Powell. 

Bringing their efforts from Texas to the Parkview Apartments. 
An area with one of the highest crime rates in the city. 

The group says they are coming from a place of understanding. 

“I remember being in the same situation. I remember being bound by lust and fornication bound by all these things and trying to get free,” said music coordinator, Trelisia Alexander.  

And now all they want to do is help the community break the cycle of poverty, crime and despair. 

“I know the conditions of the people and i know there is hope,” said Alexander. 

“We come and bringing hope to all mankind. It’s not just for one mankind, but for all mankind. Whatever condition you in.. Guess what god can change you,” said Powell. 

The group says they will continue to go into areas with high crime and drug rates to spread the word. 

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