WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — West Monroe officials are looking for ways to get and keep your heart rates up. On Monday, October 9, the city announced the installment of new fitness equipment at Highland Park Wetland Trails.

“The new equipment is pretty good. I say it’s pretty fun for entertainment for kids,” West Monroe resident Phillip said.

The workout area features 12 new pieces of exercise equipment including strength and cardio.

“The equipment is good enough to get you a good workout if you are not trying to do too much. It’s close to my home, so I could ride my bike or either walk and still enjoy it,” another West Monroe resident, Dexter Blake said.

“It’s my favorite addition. I don’t love a traditional gym setting, I get bored. So, I love that they have this here outside. It feels just fun like a fun way of engaging activities,” added another local Laexia Wooten.

The $50,000 grant, funded by the Living Well Foundation, helped purchase and install the equipment. Chief of staff for the City of West Monroe Courtney Hornsby says the project aims to give people another way to get and stay active.

“This park sees a lot of runners, a lot of walkers, a lot of crossfitters. And we wanted something that people of ages can use. So, while exercising , they can use this to get healthy, to build muscle and be strong.”

The West Monroe Police Department and the West Monroe Fire Department teamed up to demonstrate locals all the different set ups.

“My husband and our daughter love coming out here after school, after working out, and get some fresh air. And the workout equipment is absolutely phenomenal,” West Monroe resident Iris Davis said.

Hornsby says adding a picnic table with ADA accessibility is another step forward in improving the park.

“We would love to have a shade structure for the new picnic table. So, we want to make it very useful and user friendly as people are traveling throughout the city. This is a great destination for a stop, for a rest.”

“ I think the kids will have a lot of fun here. All of them are my favorite,” Phillip added.

The park is open to the public and free of charge.