UPDATE: Neighbors speak about resolved crisis situation on south Grand street

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UPDATE: Neighbors talk about what they witnessed today on south Grand street. Lakiesha Burkett was coming home at the time of the incident.

“I saw a whole bunch of police and I have seen the fire department and they had the whole road blocked off. I was at the convenience store and they said there was a shooting. And That’s basically what I saw from it. There were some rumors going on, they said that there had been some people shot, some people killed. Those were just rumors that were started, they were not true. From what I saw, the police and everybody had it under control, and they were doing a good job. They did have it all blocked up. I would say don’t judge the street, the neighborhood, come get to know people down here. From what I know, all these people, every one of them are very sweet. They are very understanding and just give it a chance, and don’t go by the rumors” she said.

Officers say today’s incident was a C.I.T. or Crisis Intervention Team call, and the specific training involved for calls like this lends credit to why the incident was resolved peacefully.

MONROE, La. — The situation on South Grand Street has come to a resolution, according to Monroe Police.

According to Monroe Public Information Officer Michael Fendall, the MPD received a call around 11:20 AM about an emotionally disturbed person at 1910 South Grand Street. When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered that the man was armed.

Officers were able to make contact with the man and over time, a negotiator was able to talk to the man and get him to come outside without any issue.

The man was then taken to a local hospital to be checked out and was uninjured.

MONROE, La. — There is a heavy police presence on South Grand Street and Plum Street in Monroe after a man barricaded himself inside of a home.

According to police, the man appears to be suffering from a mental breakdown and threatened to kill himself. Police are unsure if he has a firearm or not, but the man’s mother claims that he does.

Police say that the man currently does not present a threat to the public, but a minimum safe distance area has been put into place near the home.

We will continue to update this story as more information is available.

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