Gun-related deaths involving children highest in Louisiana

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Bastrop resident Hunter Simmons is not only a gun dealer, he’s also an avid gun owner.

He knows firsthand the importance of gun safety education, especially with young kids. 

“As a kid I was raised around guns and I was always taught from a very young age, you know, always point it in a safe direction… always make sure it’s unloaded. All those things were just engrained in me as a child and I think it’s good to do that with your kids starting out,” Simmons said. 

A new study released by the ‘Journal of Pediatrics’ said that from 2012 to 2016 more than 12,000 children died from gun-related injuries. Almost 10% of these deaths were accidental.

The study said the largest number of children who were killed, were from Louisiana. 

“It’s always good to have your guns stored especially when you have kids around, that’s a big thing that we preach,” Simmons added.

Another way is to keep your firearm locked and unloaded. 

“Things are getting crazy. Everybody wants to protect themselves, but just make sure you have it in a safe place where your kids can’t get to it. A small lock box– things like that which you get can get to quickly,” Simmons added.

He said another way to be proactive is to teach firearm safety to family members of all ages. 

“It is good to teach your kids about firearms and how they work, but in a supervised, safe manner where they can understand and learn, but they can’t go and grab a gun and do it themselves,” Simmons said. 

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