Greater Ouachita Water Company says they’re working to improve water lines for customers

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MONROE, La (7/9/19) – A few residents say they had to bathe without clean water for several days.

Jerry Sandifer says he’s been living in Monroe for less than a year and has never experienced anything like this.

Jerry and his wife Shirley claim they had brown water coming out of their faucets for two days.

He says the monthly payment he pays to the Greater Ouachita Water Company, is not worth it.

“I’m not accustomed to being ignored, and they accept my money to put up with water like this. They’re going to go up on their rates and say the lines are bad well that’s only an excuse to go up on the rates,” said Jerry Sandifer, local West Monroe resident.

We reached out to GOWC about the water problems. They say they are in the middle of a chlorine flush in the North Monroe and lakeshore neighborhoods, which will last through July 20th.

They say discoloration is common when they flush the lines.

Issues with the flush should be cleared up by the time they finish.
They ask any customers who have issues to call them at the number on your screen.

They ask any customers who have issues to call them at the number on your screen.

Leaders at GOWC say flushing like what is happening now will continue on a semi-annual basis due to state health regulations.

Here is a list of questions asked to GOWC’s Jeff McNew on how to plan on moving forward to resolve any future issues.

  1. What is currently being done to reduce the issues customers have been facing with brown water? Some customers are experiencing discoloration in water in connection with our current flushing plan in the North Monroe and Lakeshore water systems.

Flushing is a necessary function of water systems in order to control build up on the lining of distribution pipes and is generally performed during a Louisiana Department of Health approved chlorine flush. The North Monroe and Lakeshore water systems are currently under an approved chlorine flush which is scheduled to end on July 20th. Customers experiencing discoloration can call our customer service center at (318) 322-3741 to report any issues they are experiencing and a service technician will be dispatched to the area.

2. How long will it take for the issues to be resolved? The majority of the flushing plan is completed during a chlorine flush which is scheduled to end on July 20th.  

We expect the issues associated with this flush to clear up at that time, but in the meantime, customers experiencing problems should contact us so we can work to clear the lines in problem areas.

3. If any changes or improvements are being done, is there a reason why rates have increased? 

The recent rate increase is due to capital improvements to be implemented throughout GOWC’s water and wastewater systems some of which are required by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and others, such as water meter replacement, to improve billing accuracy and efficiencies. However, flushing in connection with a chlorine flush will occur on an annual to semi-annual basis as may be necessary pursuant to the Louisiana Department of Health requirements.

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