Neville High School hosted Governor John Bel Edwards for the reveal of the school’s new safety app. Rave Mobile App works by allowing users to improve safety in the palm of their hands.

“It allows people to instantly notify 911 and on site so it will speed up response. So they’ll push a button, it calls 911 and sends out an alert to all on site staff, ” Katharine Dahl the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Rave Mobile Safety said.

The app includes safety for an active shooter, fire help, medical help, and the need for police on campus. The Rave app is only used by staff and faculty. The students do not need to download the app. Teachers will request immediate aid from law enforcement using the app.

Neville High was filled with eager faces this morning ready to hear the Governor’s announcement.

“Now how excited can you be about the Governor coming to your school? I am–All of us are very excited and proud to have him here,” Principle Christella Dawson said.

Governor Edwards and officials at Rave Mobile Safety are working to make school’s a safer place for everyone. The app will allow staff to notify 911 and save lives in the end.

The app is funded with 4 million dollars from the state and the app plans to launch this Fall at Neville High School. Eventually, the state plans to launch the app in all Louisiana schools.

Read the full press release here.