Wednesday afternoon Monroe resident Earnest Colvin took matters into his own hands, to make sure his neighbors don’t get stuck by flooding. 

“So I said I’ll go ahead and get the shovel and unstop those drains because we’ve got a lot more rain coming,” he said.

The storms aftermath can be seen all across Ouachita Parish.

High winds knocked over trees, debris blocked traffic and high waters flooded roads like Jackson St. in Monroe. 

“Unstopped that with a shovel,” Colvin said pointing to storm drains on the road. “Unstopped the one across the highway with a shovel and that one over there with a shovel.. and that one. I unstopped four of them.”

Colvin is making sure his street stays clear so that cars don’t stall out. 

“Back in 2016 when we had that real bad flood. Vehicles were coming down here and stalling down in the middle of the road. You could see the wreckers coming to get them,” he added.

Colvin hopes the city can finish what he started.

“We don’t want people getting hung up and can’t get in and out. You’ve gotta go to work. You need the drains unstopped, he said.