Glenwood Regional Medical Center hosting “Bone Building Pilates” classes

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Health professionals at Glenwood Regional Medical Center are looking to help people build bone strength.

Experts say one of every two adults over the age of 50 has osteoporosis. Which led health officials at Glenwood Regional Medical Center to create their new six-week program. 

It’s called “Bone Building Pilates” and will teach patients proper posture, core control, and bone building exercises. All of hopes of helping them to become healthier and more independent in their lives. 

“The class ages range from about 45 to 85. What I think of it’s not about your age, but your function. So, if you are having a hard time down to the floor and back up again without assistance without a person then you are at risk for falls and you are at risk for bone loss,” said program director, Sherri Betz. 

She also says once you turn 50 it increases your chances to lose about one percent of the leg strength each year. 

The six-week series starts June 4th and costs $40. To sign up click HERE

The center is also hosting a free Posturing for the Future class on Wednesday, June 13th. 

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