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Louisiana Extended Care Hospital death leads to murder arrest

West Monroe, La.-- - Behind the doors of the Louisiana Extended Care Hospital in West Monroe, a man named Justin Ewing was hospitalized for a MRSA staph infection.

July 27th, he was found dead . His autopsy reports said he overdosed on Oxycodone.

That's when the West Monroe Police Department came in.

Arrest reports said Ewing was found lying on the floor with a syringe inserted into his IV port, not administered by hospital staff.

They said two Oxycodone tablets were also found in his room. They were tablets hospital officials said the medical center doesn't stock or administer.

Investigators later found out that Ewing was a recovering opiate addict. Authorities said the medication allegedly came from a woman they knew as 'Virginia'.

Family members told police Ewing was receiving 'Roxies' from her, crushing the tablets and then placing them in IV flushes, which he would push through his port.

But who is Virginia? Authorities later identified her as Virginia Wharton, from Calhoun.

They searched Ewing's phone, finding text messages to and from her.

Reports said Ewing and Wharton talked about sending her money via Western Union for 'a trip just like you did last time'.

The item they discussed was referred to as '224'. Authorities said this is the number that marked the Oxycodone tablets.

Wharton was arrested and has been charged with second degree murder. She is currently being held without bond at the Ouachita Correctional Center.

Police told us the investigation is ongoing, but it's unclear whether or not there will be any more arrests in this case.

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