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MONROE, La (04/24/20) — The front porch project started in Boston and eventually spread to Baton Rouge. One of Rick Greene’s co-worker’s from Baton Rouge heard about the project before Greene decided to bring it to Northeast Louisiana.

“The idea was for the photographer to donate their time, but for the families to go out and purchase gift cards to help support local businesses during this economic down turn of a time that we’re living in,” said Rick Greene, Executive Director Moxey NELA.

And while it only started a few weeks ago up here, it’s been successful with the amount of families who’ve participated. “I think we’re close to 50 or 60 with the one photographer that we have,” said Greene.

The project works by having a family stand at their front porch and the photographer takes a few photos while social distancing. Once a family does a shoot, they’ll get to keep 1 or 2 photos for free and the business they’re supporting will make money after the family buys a gift card.

“To me to support small businesses even more and having more families do it just means the world to help this community out where I live and work, and play,” said Greene.

Greene says they have plans to expand the project as more families want to get involved and support local businesses for a photoshoot in return. Right now, they only have one photographer volunteering her time, Jaclyn Hall. However they look forward to adding more photographers to the project soon.

“I’ve also heard that Rhyan Taylor who owns Albritton photography is going to start doing some photoshoots as well. Also Staci Albritton Mitchell, the mayor of West Monroe has reached out to me to do some photoshoots for families as well,” said Greene.

For more information on the photoshoot, the link to the Facebook group is here.

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