TALLULAH, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Pamela Oliver went missing the weekend of August 7th, her body was found days later devastating the entire Tallulah community.

Friday, the family of Pamela Oliver released balloons in her honor, sending a message of love after not being able to say goodbye.

“You never stop thinking about it, you constantly want to know what she went through, or how she was feeling,” said Oliver’s sister Rose Williams.

Curtis Carroll was arrested and charged in the murder of Oliver. His fate lies in the hands of the Madison Parish District Attorney. However, the family wants him to face the maximum punishment required by law. 

They also want other families to learn from their heartache, “It’s not okay to let a man abuse you, or treat you any kind of way, or put their hands on you. I don’t care, love doesn’t hurt,” said Williams.

Oliver’s funeral will be held Sunday August 23rd at 11 am.