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WEST MONROE, La (07/10/19)–Your local library could be offering more than just books. With school around the corner, many kids might be feeling scared as certain subjects can be difficult. This Louisiana based website can help not only them but parents as well.

Homework Louisiana is a website that was developed by the state library. It’s partnered with libraries across all parishes in Louisiana.

“The reason we do it is because kids are struggling sometimes and we are trying to level the playing field a little bit,” said Danielle Kelley Tolbird, Communications Coordinator at Ouachita Parish Public Library.

Sunday through Thursday, live tutors are available to help walk students through homework, break down a specific subject, and even prepare you for any test.

“They will never give you the answer, they will make sure you get the answer yourself. So don’t be afraid of your child cheating, it’s not cheating,” said Tolbird.

All tutors are qualified with a masters degree or higher education. This website also gives parents an additional resource.

“Sometimes you look at your kid’s homework and you’re like “what is this, I don’t understand.” That’s okay we have these tutors who are available that are experts in their field and they are there to help your child succeed,” said Tolbird.

Louisiana Homework is completely free. All you need is a library card from a Louisiana library and a computer.

“If you don’t have a computer, you don’t have Wi-Fi, that’s totally fine. All of our ten branches have computers available,” said Tolbird.

Homework Louisiana has more to give to adults as well. From getting resumes and papers edited to needing help finding a job.

“Whether you are in kindergarten, 12th grade, college, or even if you’re an adult and you’re trying to get your GED or you’re trying to go to college,” said Tolbird.

Library officials hope people will take advantage of these resources and follow their dreams.

“It makes me very excited to know that no matter where you live, no matter what your income is, no matter where you came from, the library is here to help you succeed in life,” said Tolbird.

The tutors are on demand and do not require an appointment. The Ouachita Parish Public Library’s mission is to advance literacy and equip everybody in the parish.

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