MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Citizens across the state are now eligible for free rapid Covid-19 tests through USPS shipment, and residential households will be able to order one set of 4 free at-home tests 

“I think it’s a good idea.” Says a local resident, Laquanta Hargrove. 

“I actually ordered some myself, for my family. And other families it is needed for, so thumbs up. I think it’s a good idea.” Says Hargrove. 

The federal government announced the plan to make half a billion Covid-19 tests available to all Americans, and The United States Postal Service will be handling the deliveries. A resident says this is helpful for those unable to get out of the house.  

“It would be lovely that they have that going on. And I would appreciate it if they hurry up, and do it because there are a lot of us who need it. Especially the elderly people. I love it.” Says  Gloria Yarbrough. 

Another resident says the free shipment will also help those who are sick stay home. 

“It will help people who think they have something, not run the risk of exposing other people to get a test done.” Says Brian Mcclure. 

The free USPS delivery might even help reduce crowds at the doctor’s office. 

“You all know how doctors can be all backed up at the hospital. You can’t even get in, so I take my test when I need it so I won’t get anybody else sick, like babies, and get them exposed.” Says a resident, Miracle.

One parent I spoke with explained how it will help those who have children.

“If you get a home test, that will mean that it will prevent other kids from getting contaminated.” Says Shaniqua Moss.   

Free rapid antigen tests are now available for order online at

Once ordered, tests are to be delivered within 7-12 days.