Franklin Parish School Board toughens code of conduct

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WINNSBORO, La. (6/5/19)– Serious changes to Franklin Parish High School’s code of conduct could greatly affect students who disobey it, especially seniors.

  “We’ve change language from ‘will’ do things to ‘shall’ or ‘must’. Some things that, you know, legal terms that will certainly help us,” said Dewayne Day, child warfare and attendance supervisor at Franklin Parish School Board.

Over the last several years, the pranks Franklin Parish High School have escalated to dangerous proportions. So students, beware, because if you decide to prank, you could be paying for it.

From now on, any senior or any other student who vandalizes the school will not walk at graduation.

  “I think it’s happened now about three years in a row and it’s progressively gotten worse. I mean, they had oil and glitter. This year a fire extinguisher was discharged,” said Day.

Day says the prank left one woman short of breath a day after the incident. Not only is safety a priority, but the pranks cost the school money for repairs.

Some seniors are on board with the changes.

  “I think it’s important because you know, messing up the school, it could be fun, but when you take it too far, it gets too serious. It gets to the point where it’s not good. For me, I want to be successful this year,” said senior Jaylen Martin.

Day says the new policy will be adopted at the next school board meeting in July.

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