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WINNSBORO La (06/11/19)– The Franklin Parish Sheriffs Office decided to hit the tennis courts…but not the deputies alone. Several years ago, a Franklin Parish Judge decided to get deputies more involved in the community–the outcome–well– you’ll see.

“Stay on court, not in court,” is an annual tennis camp put on by the Franklin parish sheriffs office and community volunteers. This camp allows kids to learn about the game and also a few life lessons. 

“We have a little section where we talk about life skills and life development, and positive things in their lifes,” said Kevin Cobb, Sheriff of Franklin Parish.

The sheriffs’ office wants to continue to show the community that they care by getting involved. 

“What we do out here with our office, we try and support all our youth activities. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the ball field, on the courts, in vacation bible school, we liked to be involved,” said Cobb. 

The kids have learned about gripping their rackets, forehand swings, racket backs, ready position, and even baselines. But more importantly, they have learned that there doesn’t always have to be a barrier between police officers and kids. 

“I think it shows how friendly they can be, that they aren’t just scary people out there to see if you’re doing bad. They are encouraging people,” said  Brandi Cordill, Librarian at Franklin Parish High School.

Sheriff Cobb says, there are multiple rewards to serving in the community, but this is his favorite. 

“It’s when you’re in the grocery store and see a kid, you might not remember that kids name, but he’s like “hey, he was at tennis camp with me.”

And sheriff Cobb says–those relationships are why his deputies continue to do this.

“Most importantly we create relationships, our office,  with these young people. At this age, it lasts a long long time,” said Cobb. 

The camp has averaged around 60 kids, ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade. 

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