WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office has arrested four people on charges related to possession of methamphetamine.

According to the arrest report, deputies were working a roadside investigation on October 11 and they say that investigation lead them to Jordan Road. Deputies say the address they were called to is the home of Shelby Lazenby.

Shelby Lazenby
Courtesy: OCC

Deputies say when they knocked on the door of Lazenby’s home they heard people moving around in the house trying to hide.

They say Lazenby did open the door and give them permission to search the house after they say they smelled raw marijuana from the front door. Deputies also say they found needles laying on the floor near a sleeping baby, drug paraphernalia on the kitchen counter, and paraphernalia next to a bed on the a nightstand, a clear bag that contained a crystal like substance was found in the bathroom.

Natalie McKnight
Courtesy: OCC

When deputies questioned the people in the house, no one initially claimed it as their own property. Once inside deputies met and questioned Natalie McKnight. Deputies say McKnight admitted to having marijuana in her pocket and a grinder on a counter in the living room.

During their search they found a purse on the kitchen counter that contained a small bag of marijuana as well as a large bag containing what is believed to be crystal meth.

McKnight denied ownership of the purse and it’s contents and then later after her Miranda rights were read admitted the purse was hers and she forgot she had anything else in the house.

Ashton Works
Courtesy: OCC

Deputies also met with Ashton Works in the home. Works admitted to having a warrant out for him. He told deputies that he did not have anything in the home, but he had been sleeping there for a “week or so”. Works also told deputies he had, in fact, smoked meth and was struggling with drug abuse.

Deputies found a third person in the home, Mark Cannon, Jr. Deputies say Cannon, Jr. was trying to hid in the bathroom of the home. They say they ordered him to the front door and noticed his eyes were blood shot, his pupils were dilated, he was sweating and slurring his speech.

Deputies think he threw something as he walked toward the front of the house and during his interview deputies say he admitted to throwing 1-2 grams of meth on the ground in the bedroom along with some needles. Cannon, Jr. did admit, according to deputies, the needles were his, but the meth was not.

Mark Cannon, Jr.
Courtesy: OCC

Deputies also requested and gained permission to search Lazenby’s car where they found a prescription bottle of Hydrocodone with several pills in the bottle, Lazenby does not have a prescription for hydrocodone. Deputies say they also found meth in the car.

Deputies say there were four juveniles, three of which were awake at the time of the search, in the home. The oldest child in the house was 7-years-old and they are all Lazenby’s children.

Deputies report that the meth was located within the reach of three of the kids. There was also marijuana and other methamphetamines located inside the residence that had been claimed by another occupant of the residence.

All four have been booked on drug possession charges and charges of child endangerment and are being held at OCC.